• Daniel K. Johnson - Developer Portfolio

  • Background

    Posted : April. 8, 2016

    Daniel has been working in the IT industry for over 12 years. He served for three years as a contract field technician before beginning a Purdue University Bachelor's degree program in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He continued to study software engineering as an intern for Steel Dynamics starting in May of 2012, with the final four semesters of his degree focused in the department of Visual Communication and Design. As a life-long student of video game design and development, Daniel has continued to seek outlets for his passion to create unique memorable experiences.

  • Passion

    Posted : April. 8, 2016

    Above all, Daniel loves the revelation of truth. This passion is observable in both his personal and professional life. It quickly became apparent through formal education the value of information, but more importantly Daniel discovered the ability to understand and apply information in useful ways. Daniel has been gifted with a unique ability to quickly gain, retain, and apply concepts. This skill has been instrumental to propel his many hobbies which include automotive maintenance/tuning, and the study of history and culture. However, the gaming industry has by far experienced most of his attention. Game development has historically been a difficult hobby to support as an individual, but Daniel made efforts to learn the the development pipeline from both textual guides and modding tools available to the community (Valve's Hammer Editor is one that sticks well). Unity and Unreal Engine reached their height of accessibility as Daniel worked to complete his Bachelor of Arts degree, and he promptly prioritized the practical application of asset creation through industry-standard tools (primarily Maya/Mudbox and Unity).

  • Expertise

    Posted : April. 8, 2016

    Equipped with a working knowledge of most digital design mediums, Daniel still holds system design and scripting at the forefront of his expertise. His ability to apply object oriented techniques through multiple technologies has been proven effective in his work as a business application engineer. Primarily responsible for data communication between the company and it's customers, Daniel designed and implemented multiple key systems that continue to be both effective and extensible. Ensuring system performance and accuracy are also among the strengths Daniel showed while implementing database technology, as well as providing ongoing communication and support to his team members. As these skills are crucial for software engineers in any industry, Daniel has seen many useful correlations in their application to game engine technology. With a strong technical, creative, and social background, Daniel hopes to soon contribute his given skills to a worthy development studio.